Best of the Best Headphones

However, taking care of its customers, the company offered a simple adapter that turns P with simplified sound into full-scale studio monitors with index S.

This line was different, and is still very high in value. But this is a rare case when the price is really justified.

Removable cable with a connector of its own design has long been unique for pocket headphones, and allows you to use headphones for more than one year.
The sound of ER-4 is still a standard for all manufacturers. High frequencies are ideal, and no dynamic model can realize so pure, right top and at the same time – so detailed low frequencies without failures in the middle.

The sound of the Etymotic ER-4 is not for the bassheads – but there are no more accurate, bright low frequencies.

Other single-turn reinforcement headphones with this sound did not work for anybody: the amplitude-frequency characteristic of the model approaches the ideal straight line on the whole range.


Etymotic: simplicity, quality, convenience

The corporate identity of Etymotic has remained recognizable so far: a miniature case, a detachable cable, a wide range of attachments, replaceable sound guide filters and a unique fit.

These are the only headphones that need not just be inserted into the ear canal as on the best headphones list on , but literally screwed by special technology. Only in this way (preferably with proprietary three-flange nozzles – Christmas trees “), they provide maximum sound quality.

You say it is uncomfortable? But quality requires victims – this method came from audiometry. So far, no competing brand has proposed an alternative capable of providing the same perfectly flat frequency response Etymotic ER-4 .
In their basis, as in most other headphones of the company is an armature driver of its own design.

It is complemented by an elegant and incredibly simple (of course, patented) scheme, with which the manufacturer regulates the output characteristics of a particular model. A pair of resistors, a capacitor for some modifications – that’s all. And each time – a unique, own sound.

Such a beautiful engineering solution for a complete change in the nature of the sound, as in the Etymotic lineup, is not available to anyone in the world.

From science to mainstream
As well as 25 years ago, the basic products of Etymotic Research are professionalacoustometric instruments and electronic hearing aids, of which the ER135-QSA-PT model is available in the Russian market .

It fits in one earpiece, almost completely repeating the design of professional “gags” for work on the stage ( ER125-MP9-15 ) or in rooms with loud sharp sounds ( ER125-HD15
) from the ER125 line .
Protection of health and human hearing, especially in extreme conditions for him, is the main task of the company, which she embodies in her devices for the masses.

Today, Etymotic continues its line of single-turn reinforcement headphones. Last year, the light saw two new models: monitor ER4SR with classical Etymotic sound and bass guitar ER4SR / XR .

Each copy comes with a hand-written annotation that both headphones are a perfectly matched pair of emitters with minimal harmonic distortion .
The company’s soundproofing system still gives an absolute “wall” from external noises. Over the years, it has only become better: Etymotic silicone and foam plastic amuyshoots are copied by all brands without a twinge of conscience. Like the fashionable Kevlar cable of two twisted wires, providing a complete absence of noise.

The headphones version for audio engineers, audiophiles and other professional listeners was called ER4 microPro . A separate model – own, increased conditions of rejection of components and improved sound.

Fashion requirements forced the company to release its own model of dynamic headphones ER5 (HF5) and its modification for hearing protection ERHD-5-Safety .

Each of them has the signature Etymotic sound and powerful low frequencies due to a seriously modified diaphragm design with a movable neodymium coil. Next came the headset with a control panel and a microphone.

How Etimotic changed my life

For the first time I managed to get acquainted with the company’s products on my first (actually, last) studio recording.

Ten years ago, in-channel monitors Etimotic for musicians of the depressed Russian region seemed completely beyond the bounds.

The sound of the ER-4 did not lend itself to any description. “Here it is, the perfect sound!”

Work with such equipment was a pleasure: they revealed any instrument that sounds in the general mix at the junction of musical genres.
Full control, perfectly detailed sound without any color: the one that is. And not one that is imposed by the manufacturer of audio equipment. For headphones that offer complete freedom of action – it’s amazing.

Later, Etimotic met in the audiometry room and the usual otolaryngologist of the polyclinic, in laboratories and factory health centers, at concert performances and corporate events.
Every year – more often. Even for work in noisy rooms – active earplugs of a familiar brand.

It’s nice to meet a friend, and after years to hear the same thing. The constant quality of Etymotic , the detailed sound of each model and the complete control over the sound – is this not the best gift to the music lover?