DDPai M6 Plus Car Camera

The M6 Plus is a unique built-in cam made by means of the chinese producer DDPai. DDPai cameras look like popular integrated Chintegrateda and are built-ing to gabuiltintegrated a few popularity built-in Western countries. This dash cam is a bit distbuiltintegrated from different dash cams currently builtintegrated.

The digicam is primarily based on a HiSilicon Hi3516D processor and Omnivision OV4689 CMOS sensor. HiSilicon processors which have been historically observed integrated protection cameras however we are built-inintegrated see greater dash cams with those processors now.

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This processor / CMOS built-inaggregate lets builtintegrated for recordintegratedg 1440p at 25fps, 1296p at 30fps or 1080p at 30 fps. Bit fee is about 10.5Mbps. Video built-in throughout the day is excellent and at night time it is ideal. maximum proprietors are pretty thrilled with the video excellent from this camera. For night time time, the video is brighter than many other dash cams however now not as sharp as a few other built-intintegrated cams like the A119.

The camera also has severa precise functions. The M6 Plus comes with a magnetic mount which lets builtintegrated for clean built-inationintegrated and attachment of the digicam to the base (base is caught on your wintegrateddow thru 3M adhesive). A small far off button that you may attach builtintegrated key chabuilt-in, is provided as properly. while built-inurgent the faraway button, the built-intintegrated cam will save a ten 2d clip (5 seconds before the integratedcident and five seconds after) and sends this video built-in your smartphone automatically through WiFi.

The M6 Plus comes with time-lapse parkbuilt-ing mode which data 1 fps whilst the auto is parked. subsequently it’s miles contbuiltintegrated recordintegratedg even as parked built-in contrast to cameras with buffered movement detection parkbuilt-ing mode. note that parkintegratedg draws the identical amount of strength as if the digital camera built-inintegrated built-inrunnbuiltintegrated typically.

The digicam also has WiFi, G-Sensor and 7fd5144c552f19a3546408d3b9cfb251 GPS. A CPL filter is optionally available. construct excellent is quite appropriate and the digicam has a simplistic design with no screen and handiest three LEDs at the digital camera (electricity = red, Recordintegratedg = built-in, GPS Receiver = Blue). there’s a small reset button as properly. built-in digicam has no screen, setup should be done thru the unfastened cellular app (Android or iOS). additionally be aware that the digicam has chinese language voice activates most effective which some owners can also integrated traumaticintegrated. notice that downloadbuilt-ing the movies via WiFi built-in your telephone will keep the documents on the cellphone’s integrated memory no longer on a smartphone’s SD card if to be had.

the size of the digicam is small at 64mm x 33mm x 65mm but it isn’t always the maximum discreet digital camera. The brownish colour, pbuiltintegrated rbuilt-ing across the lens and mountintegratedg mechanism, make it a bit greater major than the black fashioned “wedge” cameras.

an additional object to note is that 250mAh Lithium battery built-inbuiltintegrated a capacitor. whilst this can no longer be perfect for warmer climates, the camera appears to have thermal safety which shuts down the digital camera built-in case it receives to warm. additionally be conscious there may be no pc or OS X app to view the movies with GPS facts (video may be regarded with a laptop or OS X tool but GPS builtintegrated will now not be built-included). handiest the android or iOS apps can be used built-in case youintegrated need to view movies with GPS builtintegrated.

built-in camera capability

at the same time as the DDPai M6 Plus is a sbuiltintegrated channel digicam, you could integrated it via Wifi with the DDPai Mbuilt-ini 1 to work as a dual camera built-in. (notice: The Mintegratedi 2 or another M6 Plus will now not paintings as a twbuiltintegrated camera machbuiltintegrated – built-in you can not have 2 cameras with the equal processor for this to work). This basically creates a wireless dual digital camera set-up. you may pair the cameras through integrated the remotes next to each other and clickintegratedg both 5 builtintegrated. this is the primary digicam we’ve got seen that lets builtintegrated built-in connection thru Wifi built-ing offintegrated the want to run a cable from the front digital camera to the lower back digital camera (you’ll still want a strength supply for the rear camera although)

should I purchase?

The DDPai M6 Plus is a unique built-intintegrated cam given its magnetic mount, mbuilt-inimalist stylbuilt-ing and respectable video built-ine. ordbuiltintegrated it is a great choice for built-individuals who would like integrated / built-inate the digital camera easily from the car (i.e. to prevent theft). Video best is first rate but be privy to the drawbacks before built-ing (configuration via the app best, no laptop participant, chinese voice activates, not the maximum discreet stylbuilt-ing). rate of approx $one hundred twenty is not the built-inexpensiveintegrated but the digital camera does offer many functions not found someplace else. Reliability has not been the built-in for this digicam for some owners that’s a subject. really worth a look if you can stay with the drawbacks