Motivational sad quotes for depression

Motivational sad quotes for depression

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Sometimes that depression hits, that feeling is not worth fighting alone. Sometimes I thought that it would not be worth fighting so much for maybe in the future to enjoy it all alone …
But, life is wonderful, and it is worth struggling to prove to many people that you are capable, alone. Able to fight and achieve any dream!

The cure of depression lies in resolving the future, not in repairing the past. The future pulls more than the past pushes. This is how your life becomes the present. Will you allow your past to push your choices until when? Only a clear future will generate enough sense to pull you out of any painful past.

The most glorious moment of a person’s life is the moment of his death

The bottom of the pit is a place created by those who have never been anywhere near there. It is always possible to dig a little more. There is no bottom, the limit is infinite, its depth is as amazing as it is devastating.

And today the only thing she wanted was peace, was to know that everything would be all right, to be able to sit in front of nothing without thought, without waiting, without pain, only a moment of relief.

Beautiful afternoons make me depressed, for I see that they are no longer for me.

If you become very sad, you become depressed; If you worry too much, become anxious, stressed; If nothing happens it gets bored and can be depressed or stressed. Complicated.

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Taking our own fault is the first step to moving forward.

If the body is the reflection of the soul, one cannot expect good health from those who pollute one’s own heart.
Sometimes the health of some people does not work well because they are harboring feelings of destruction.

And I was the dark one, and he was my flashlight

I only had problems while he brought solutions

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I just wanted to be like the other girls, but he taught me that I do not need to be normal for him because I was special because he was not like all of them ….

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I wish that one day I could dream of living in a real life outside of this false reality, where there are no days, I have to make appointments, I have no commitments, my concern is just to live to breathe, when I realize, I wonder if I just I’m having a bad dream.

There is something wrong with me, I wanted to know your thoughts, to know what to say, what to do with you, I wonder why your tears do not fall, if I feel they should fall?
My biggest mistake is that I’m in love with the wrong person.

Our days are wicked, but the goodness of our father God, can help us endure all the suffering that depresses us today!

In this world where everything is impenetrable, I prefer the certainty of death rather than the uncertainty of the anguish that I have to face, I prefer the certainty of death to the uncertainties of the paths I will follow, the relationships I will cultivate, the attitudes I can take, I prefer the certainty of death.

“Before turning or tearing a page, give it another try.”

“To turn the page, no, it is better to tear it, to throw all the pieces in the pot and to give discharge, but without leaving behind any undesirable part.”

“There are people who ‘turn the page’, but then, back and forth, flip it over again.”

“Before turning a page, it is advisable to read it whole.”

“I do not usually ‘turn certain pages’ but ‘tear’ them, but never before reading them completely.”

“Happiness is to face life as it is.”

[To the weary], the Lord Jesus has [reached] him, through prayer.

“The human being is too complex to be determined and too magical to be indeterminate, so it becomes a real maze of discoveries and senses.”

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